Elastic Windows Event Explorer

Publisher - Microsoft-Windows-NetworkProvider

Event ID 1005


Ignoring UNC Hardening Configuration Property: Unsupported property value.

UNC Path: %{UncPath}

UNC Hardening Configuration: %{UncHardeningConfiguration}

Property Name: %{PropertyName}

Property Value: '%{PropertyValue}'

The specified property name expects a boolean value should be assigned a value of 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled).

For details on configuring Windows computers to require additional security when accessing specific UNC paths, visit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/3000483.

Event Data:

# Name In Type
Out Type
1 UncPathLength win:UInt16 xs:unsignedShort
2 UncPath win:UnicodeString xs:string
3 UncHardeningConfigurationLength win:UInt32 xs:unsignedInt
4 UncHardeningConfiguration win:UnicodeString xs:string
5 PropertyNameLength win:UInt16 xs:unsignedShort
6 PropertyName win:UnicodeString xs:string
7 PropertyValueLength win:UInt16 xs:unsignedShort
8 PropertyValue win:UnicodeString xs:string

Observed Windows Versions:

Version: 0

Fingerprint: UYU2GHSLU5GTO