Elastic Windows Event Explorer

Publisher - Microsoft-Windows-Program-Compatibility-Assistant

Event ID 32


The Program Compatibility Assistant was invoked due to an unsigned driver install. This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature. Information about the driver is below.

Driver: %{DriverName}
Service: %{ServiceName}
Publisher: %{PublisherName}
Location: %{DriverPath}
Version: %{DriverVersion}

This driver is unavailable and the program that uses this driver might not work correctly.

Event Data:

# Name In Type
Out Type
1 DriverName win:UnicodeString xs:string
2 ServiceName win:UnicodeString xs:string
3 PublisherName win:UnicodeString xs:string
4 DriverPath win:UnicodeString xs:string
5 DriverVersion win:UnicodeString xs:string

Observed Windows Versions:

Version: 0

Fingerprint: SEFTRUVGXB6CG