Elastic Windows Event Explorer

Publisher - Microsoft-Windows-RPC-Events

Event ID 2


Application (%{ApplicationName}) (PID: %{ProcessId}) is using Windows functionality that is not present in this release of Windows. For obtaining an updated version of the application, please, contact the application vendor. The technical information that needs to be conveyed to the application vendor is this: "An RPC method using synchronous pipes has been called on on protocol sequence %{RPC ProtocolSequence} interface with unique identifier %{InterfaceGUID}. Usage and support of synchronous pipes on this protocol sequence has been deprecated for this release of Windows. For information on the deprecation process, please, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=36415."  User Action Contact the application vendor for updated version of the application.

Event Data:

# Name In Type
Out Type
1 ApplicationName win:UnicodeString xs:string
2 ProcessId win:HexInt32 win:HexInt32
3 RPC ProtocolSequence win:UnicodeString xs:string
4 InterfaceGUID win:GUID xs:GUID

Observed Windows Versions:

Version: 0

Fingerprint: 2PJZZ64PEAIRA