Elastic Windows Event Explorer

Publisher - Microsoft-Windows-StorageManagement-WSP-Spaces

Event ID 2000 v1


The Windows Storage Provider could not start the remote storage subsystem.                    
Storage Subsystem ID: %{SubsystemID}                    
Storage Subsystem URI: %{SubsystemURI}                    
Username: %{Username}                    
Error Code: %{ErrorCode}                    
Error String: %{ErrorString}                    

Ensure that the remote storage subsystem is online and connected to the network.                    
Check if the user attempting to connect to the subsystem has the necessary permissions.

Event Data:

# Name In Type
Out Type
1 SubsystemID win:UnicodeString xs:string
2 SubsystemURI win:UnicodeString xs:string
3 Username win:UnicodeString xs:string
4 ErrorCode win:UInt32 xs:unsignedInt
5 ErrorString win:UnicodeString xs:string

Observed Windows Versions:

Version: 1

Fingerprint: OHUDY6XLW4PEE