Elastic Windows Event Explorer

Publisher - Microsoft-Windows-WinRM

Event ID 10150


The WinRM service could not use the following listener to receive WS-Management requests.  The listener is enabled but the listener does not have an IP address configured. 

 User Action 
 Check the underlying network configuration to determine if this listener has at least one valid IP. If the IP is valid, ensure that WinRM configuration does not exclude that IP address by using the following command: 

 winrm get winrm/config/service 

 Additional Data 
 Listener transport: %{transport} 
 Listener address: %{address}

Event Data:

# Name In Type
Out Type
1 transport win:UnicodeString xs:string
2 address win:UnicodeString xs:string

Observed Windows Versions:

Version: 0

Fingerprint: CE7SWK23P5GLW